Download bootstrap file

If you are starting a new wallet or if you are having any syncing problems (or any other problems with your wallet), you can use this Bootstrap file to help speed up the syncing process.

If you are using Windows, you can download this bootstrap file and execute it. It will delete the existing blockchain files (if there are any) and copy the blockchain files from the 15 April 2019 into your data folder. It will leave your file wallet.dat untouched. So your existing coins will be okay after executing it. However, you should still make a backup just in case.

If you are not using Windows you can use RAR to extract the file and copy the files manually into your data folder.

This is a self extracting RAR file, which calls a BAT file to delete the old files and copy the new files over.

You need to close the BitCash wallet before you execute the file. After you execute the file, you can start your BitCash Wallet and it should have all the blocks up to approximately block 368000.

If you have existing coins in your wallet and they do not show up, you may need to go the Help/Debug/Console and enter the command rescanblockchain. This will scan the blockchain for your coins.