Integration of BitCash on your exchange

BitCash uses stealth addresses and it needs to check if an incoming transaction matches one of the addresses in the wallet.

This means that the node will significantly slow down when you add more and more stealth addresses.

There are two possible solutions:
  1. We introduced a new kind of address for use on the exchanges, which acts like a normal Bitcoin address. You can create it with the RPC command:
    getnewaddress "" nonprivate
    So you add the “nonprivate” as 3. parameter. Be sure that you do not have many stealth addresses in your wallet.dat file. If you already have many stealth address in your wallet.dat file, you should start over with a new wallet.dat file and only create this special kind of address. You should only use this kind of address for your exchange; or

  2. You can use only one stealth address as a deposit address for all users and then show the user a randomly generated key. The user will need to enter this key into the description line when he/she makes a deposit. The exchange can then check the description line when the transaction comes in and credit the coins to the appropriate user’s wallet.
    You can put
    in front of your deposit address like
    and the wallet will check if the user entered a deposit key in the description line field with a minimum length of 5 characters. If you use a deposit@ address nobody can send coins to your address without entering a deposit key. The users need to use at least version v0.16.114 to be able to send coins to a deposit@ address.
Any questions or issues, please join our discord and contact Christian Kassler.